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View from the glaciers facing North. Photo: Mads Pihl

Regular Road Traffic Laws are still in place for all areas where snowmobiles are allowed. That means it is compulsory to wear a crash helmet.

The trips we offer will take you into the depths of Greenland’s wildest nature, which sets high demands from our equipment and staff.  Consequently we have a few safety precautions in place that must be respected. So you can relax in the knowledge that with us you will not only be guaranteed an exciting experience but also that your safety will not be compromised.

On all our trips we bring a satellite telephone so we can call for help in an emergency or call home if we encounter delays.

There will always be enough safety equipment for us to protect us until further assistance arrives.

On our trips we always bring sleeping bags, tents and food, in case we cannot get home in the same day, due to bad weather.

We only use the latest equipment, which is kept in the best condition, and have access to our snowmobiles in case of technical issues.