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Green Policy

Mountaintops with the sea in the background. Photo: Mads Pihl

The nature of Greenland is unique, with its vast open spaces that remain untouched and not polluted – something we should continue to protect.

Therefore, we only use snowmobiles with four-stroke engines, which burn much less fuel than two-stroke engines, which results in much less pollution. The four-stroke engines do not spill unburned lubricating oil into the nature unlike the two-stroke engines.

All rubbish that may come as a result of e.g. a picnic on one of our trips, is taken back with us.

It is impossible to make our trips CO2 neutral, however, we do all we can to minimise our CO2 emissions.

We haven’t inherited the nature from our parents, but borrowed it from our children. And you cannot return something borrowed in a worse condition.