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General information

The ATV tours

You drive the ATV yourself, following the guide. We dont go so fast, since the ATV are limited to 30 km/hour by law. So most new drivers can easily keep up.

If you dont want to drive yourself, the guide have room for one passenger on his backseat, for the same price as driving yourself.

You have to be 18 years to drive yourself, and a drivers license is required.

Snowmobile tours

Many people dream of driving and steering a snowmobile on their own. However, unfortunately this is a dream we cannot fulfil. The snowmobiles are extremely heavy and hard to steer without training, as they need a lot of attention and careful handling. Moreover, it is impossible to insure a snowmobile against damages. So if we were to allow people to drive and steer alone, the prices would be so high that no-one would attempt it.

As our snowmobiles are 3 seaters, we will take up to 2 passengers on the snowmobile without a trailer. However, if there are 3 passengers or more, or we are going on one of our trips we will attach a trailer for equipment and extra passengers. It will be possible throughout the journey to rotate, so everyone gets a chance to ride either in the trailer or on the snowmobile.

It is requested that passengers bring their own thermal clothes, however, we rent out ski jackets and boots for the trip.

Occasionally, while out on trips with many passengers we may come across patches where there are poor driving conditions due to excessive amounts of snow. In this event we may have to ask some passengers to wait behind, for 5-10 minutes, allowing the snowmobile to drive through the steep area several times with a smaller load.