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Contact and reservations:

New years trip. Photo: Mads Pihl

To book a snowmobile tour please email:

To book a ATV tour please email:

Reservations are not confirmed until you receive an email from us confirming your trip.

Due to unpredictable weather conditions it is advisable not to have too strict a schedule. Cancellations and delays are unfortunately not uncommon for both us and Airgreenland, so make sure you have extra time within your holiday.

For the Artic Trail Expedition trips we need to receive the payment no later than two weeks in advance. For all the other trips it is okay to pay upon arrival.

We accept cancellations up to two weeks prior to departure, without taking a fee for it. However, if there’s less than two weeks until your trip we will have to charge you for half of the trip unless someone else takes your place. If you do not turn up for your trip we will still charge you the full amount.

We accept cash, Dankort or bank transfers. We do not accept foreign credit cards or Akiliut.

You can contact us by mobile on: +299 522514.

Our postal address is: Sisimiut Vandrehjem, Kaalikassaq Aqq. 25, boks 270, 3911 Sisimiut, Greenland.