Snowmobile & ATV tours

Snowmobile & ATV tours

Welcome to our snowmobile and ATV tours


Our little business offers snowmobile trips in the heart of Greenland. This is the area between Sisimiut (Holsteinsborg) and Kangerslussuaq (Søndrestrømfjord). One of Greenland’s most scenic and largest, best preserved nature reserves. It is a secure area where you will be able to roam without encountering dangerous ice or unstable routes. 

In summer we also offer ATV tours nearby Kangerlussuaq, like tours to the Russel Glacier.


Our main offer is a day-trip between Sisimiut and Kangerslussuaq, where we would follow the old sledge route along the polar circle, a journey of 160km in Greenland’s beautiful, wild and untouched nature. However, we also offer a selection of shorter trips, individual tours which may include an overnight stay at a cabin.

If you choose to embark on the Sisimiut to Kangerslussuaq route by ski, and wish to receive food and/or fuel supplies on the way, we will be willing to assist.

We also run the Sisimiut Youth Hostel, so visit our website at, where our prises are low, and our quality high, from just dk/kr 200,- per night.


Kangerlussuaq Youth Hostel is now open all year, follow us at